Saturday, September 8, 2012


This was a week of firsts for almost all of us.  Tuesday brought a new school year, and my first day back to work. I took a new job doing foster care for our county.  I had to send my oldest baby off to middle school and my second baby to kindergarten.  My littlest one started daycare. I was a freaking wreck.  Luckily my  new job is in the same unit, so everyone understood my emotional instability that day.  I can not believe I have two school age kids.  Honestly though, the one who took this adjustment the hardest was Aubrey.  She was so sad to see her big sister off to kindy, while she had to stay at the "baby school."  But, once she realized that BOTH her big sisters would be back at the end of the day, she did just fine. This week was so chaotic, my house is such a wreck...there was very little sleep to be had. I hope we find our groove soon because it was some hardcore scheduling.  You'll notice there are no pictures of Aubrey...that is because she cried the ENTIRE morning (we're talking like, three hours) because she didn't want her sisters to go to school.  The sentiment was sweet, but it was rough.

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