Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And so it begins...

Clearly, I'm new to this blogging thing. I've been reading them forever, but now I'm going to share too!  I'm a mom to three little girls, wife to one busy busy man.  We sort of live in the country, and sort of have a farm. Well, we've tried to have a farm but it hasnt worked out. So right now we have a lot of grass.

Anyhow, lately I've been feeling called to do more.  By "do more," I dont mean cram more into one day...I mean make my time count.  I always thought my mission here was to be a good wife and mom.  Being a good social worker came second...but a few events lately have me left feeling like I've been wasteful of my time.  I'll explain...

I've been an adoption counselor for 11 years now.  I was adopted (domestic) as a child, and its just always been a part of my life. It wasn't until recently, when I read the book, "Messages from and Unknown Chinese Mother," that I really began to dive into the world of adoption and explore the needs of the kids around the world. For as long as I've done this, I've done it from the safety of my home, writing homestudies and completing paperwork while the families did the majority of the navigating of their adoptions. I had NO idea what conditions these orphans live in.  I'm just heartbroken that I've been so blind for so long. 

I just tucked my three girls into their Pottery Barn-covered beds, each child in their own bedroom.  They are clean, well-fed, and content.  They are LOVED, and they know it. 

I am so very saddended to know that there are millions of children, JUST like mine, who don't even have a bed, clean clothes, and worst of all...they are not loved.  They do not know what it feels like to be held and cuddled, kissed when hurt. 

Which leads me to the next part...this blog will probably be a mix of my personal life (we are busy busy all the time!), interests (crafts anyone??) and my efforts to create a non-profit that will either assist adoptive families with fundraising for their adoptions, or it will raise money to be donated directly to the orphans.  I had been primarily focusing on China, but after doing more and more research, I'd like to help those receiving children from other countries as well.

Its all a hodge podge right now.  Just an idea, really.  Of course I'm open to comments...heck if anyone ever reads this I'll be excited.  This is my first go at it...still havent figured out how to post pictures, but I'll try tomorrow!

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