Saturday, April 7, 2012

The "quints" are here!!

My oldest daughter's cat disappeared back in January for a few days.  Because she'd been howling like crazy prior to becoming MIA, we sort of knew she was in heat, but by the time I could get her to the vet to discuss spaying, she'd already had a little rendezvous with the neighbor's orange tabby.  So, I did the calculations and figured she'd be "due" about a few days ago.  Yesterday, while the girls and I were at my parents, I got a phone call from hubs, who said Belle had had the kittens.  My girls were so excited, hugs all around.  The cutest part was when Allie (5yo) said to Ayden (9yo), "congratulations!!" as if she'd really just become a grandmother.  It was precious! 
So, these are the first babies (aside from our own) to be born on our "farm."  We are all really excited as they seem to be very healthy and Mama cat is taking good care of them.  We will probably keep one or two, and then rehome the rest.  Hubs isn't a big fan of cats, but he got to witness the birth, and I think he really thought it was cool. 
So, this is Belle and her babies. I couldnt get too close to get pics because every time I did, she wanted to jump up and rub on me, leaving the poor things dangling from her belly.  Their little distressed cries were not worth the up-close photo.  I can not wait until they can open their little eyes and fluff up a bit!

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