Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Allie!!

Ok, so enough with the Big A, Middle A and baby A stuff b/c its just too cold sounding. Allie turned five today and I took the day off to hang with her.  We had a BLAST.  Our day started off with donuts, followed by a trip to Build-A-Bear, Target, lunch at Applebees, and then we got our toes done. It was awesome. Tonight we'll meet our family at a pizza place for a quick bite, and then BED.  Time out with this little miss has worn me out but it was so much fun!!!
Allie is my "spirited" child...she is SO energetic, full of life, full of herself, dramatic, sweet...she is a mixed bag. You never know whats coming next! (Just like her daddy). She is waaay funnier than I am, and sometimes I'm amazed that a kid of mine has such a great sense of humor.  ;)
Showing off the double chocolate donut she chose

picking out the perfect heart for her bunny

giving our new friend "Rainbow" a hug

Looking for the perfect toy at Target

Aaaand pictures from Allie past...

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