Monday, December 2, 2013

Just a prayer request...

Life's got a way of smacking you in the face. Sometimes its just the wake-up call you need. Today during daycare pickup was mine. I ran into a friend of mine whose children have been growing side-by-side with my own.  She has a lovely family, and I've come to know many of her relatives through years of birthday and family parties.  Her father was very recently diagnosed with cancer, and while he was unconscious and in the ICU recovering from his 11 hour operation, her mother fell ill and is now in the ICU as well.  I'm not sure what happened with her, but its not usually something you post on facebook, and daycare wasn't the place to ask.  So, for those of you that do, please pray for this family...this mother and father who have raised amazing people, (who have married amazing people), and all their little grandchildren.  I can not even imagine what it would be like to have both parents with life-threatening illnesses, let alone at the same time.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

My other thought is with a little girl who came across my path at work. She is nine, and she sort of fell into our laps when her mother pretty much up and left her with a stranger because she had to choose between the child or her husband (who had been abusing the child).  She chose the husband. And while this little girl bounced from house to house, another mother noticed she'd been limping an awfully long time (since spring).  A few hospital visits later, and she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  This little girl, whose mother abandoned her, now has to fight for her life. Thankfully, family has stepped up to take care of her and she is no longer bouncing from home to home. But please think of her too, and pray that she heals.

I am grateful beyond words for my healthy family.  Healthy parents, healthy children. When something like that happens, I'm sure its ALL that just want them to be well again.  Today was a reminder to never take that for granted.


  1. Wow...those stories sure help put life into perspective. I'll pray for both of those families, while remembering how grateful I am for my healthy family.