Saturday, December 7, 2013


Some things never change, and tradition is really big in our family. Of course we have to allow for flexibility now, but there are certain things we ALWAYS do. To kick off our Christmas season, we have breakfast with Santa, courtesy of my parents. Today was a wonderful day. Its not "my" weekend with the kids, but my ex was nice enough to let me have them for this event. They had so much fun...and as much as I've sort of been dreading December and the holidays, they made me forget all the bad memories as we made new ones.

Next on the list are cookies and pizza breads! I had to give the kids back today but next weekend we'll be all about the baking!  I think while the kids are at their dad's, our Elf is planning on leaving a lit Christmas tree for them to decorate however they want.  Its supposed to snow here on Sunday, so if school is closed Monday, we can decorate!


  1. It's so nice to hear about you guys making happy memories. It makes me feel hopeful :o)

    1. Sometimes we have to work extra hard to make these moments happen...they don't always come easy.