Saturday, September 10, 2011


I've thought long and hard about what to post regarding tomorrow.  Most of the blogs I follow has paid tribute to the lives lost, and I'd like to do the same. Everyone seems to remember where they were that day when it all happened. I sure do.

I was 22...waking up from a typical college night to an IM on my computer. My friend Kevin had posted, "turn on the tv!!!" I did, and what I saw changed me, and my fellow Americans, forever. In my little apartment, I watched live as the second plane crashed into the tower. It was horrifying...a moment too real and too seemed like a movie. The panicked people...all cast members. These could not be people just like me, getting ready for a day at work.

As the towers began to crumble, I wanted to shut it off. I wanted to pretend that everything was ok, but the reality was...this was just the beginning. The other two planes went down, and it was confirmed that this was not an accident, nor a coincidence. This was a plot. 

I was in Delaware at the time; my family in Connecticut. I couldn't get to them.  We faced a reality that we might not see each other again. At that point, who knew when the attacks would stop? Who knew if they'd take the bridges down too?  Who knew if we'd be the next victims. 

It was much more than my 22 year old head could wrap around. I had no idea about political implications and conspiracy theories and international affairs. I didnt know because I was 22 and I felt SAFE all the time. I was naive and stupid, and trusting. 

That day rocked my world. I no longer feel safe. I am eternally grateful to the men and women who try to keep us protected. I make sure my children know why we celebrate Veterans day. The day my daughter saw a soldier in the airport and asked him if she could talk to him, a real soldier, with such awe and respect, was one of my proudest days. She takes someone special to lay their life on the line to protect this country of ours. 

This post is dedicated to those beautiful and innocent lives lost on that day.  It is dedicated to the soldiers who have committed their lives to protecting our country in this war against terror. Please know, we are GRATEFUL to you.

Today was a beautiful day here in VA. It was so much like the beautiful day of 9/11/ was eery.  That day, I looked at the gorgeous blue sky, abundant sunshine, and colors of early fall...and felt more scared than I'd ever been before.

I'll spend tomorrow doing a mix of things. Primarily, I and my children will be praying for the families of those lost on that horrible day and for the troops who have fought to keep us safe since. Secondly, I hope to enjoy the day that God has given us with our family and friends...simply because we can. 

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