Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm being watched...

OK, so I have my VERY. FIRST. FOLLWER.  And I'm SO excited!! Only, I dont know who my follower it a friend? A stranger? My husband? If its YOU, step forward, leave a comment (you'd be the first to do that too!)

Theres something kind of thrilling knowing that someone thinks what you say is worthwhile. 

Speaking of worthwhile...
I contacted my pastor's wife the other day after church and mentioned that I'd like to put together a project, or even a mission trip, to support a foreign orphanage. She then put me into contact with a fellow member who had adopted a bunch of kids through our foster care system, but who has the love of adoption in his heart...
I'm hoping he and his family are willing to be on board! I'm at the very beginning phases of this plan...I've heard of an orphanage in Honduras that needs significant help with basic supplies (and seeing as we have a cruise to Honduras coming up, I might check it out!!) The woman who told me about this said that the orphanage is close to the port, and is on the route of one of the local tours.
Another thought is China...we have a couple Chinese babies in our family through adoption and we have several friends as well.
And then of course, the Eastern European countries...which I've heard are a bit more hostile to American involvement, but the need is so great.  Teenagers weighing less than 20 pounds...its just horrifying. 
So, where to begin??? I want to travel, but when I think about how expensive it is and how those thousands of dollars could be used to purchase needed items that would last much longer than my potential visit, it almost seems silly to waste it on airfare. 
Anyways...its exciting and scary. Pray for some wisdom on this because I have no clue what I'm doing!

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