Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy weekend!

So we had a super busy weekend...we hosted two parties, two days in a row. It was a whirlwind! The first was a 31 party...if you're not familiar here's the link.
They specialize in the kinds of monogrammed stuff I can't make, plus they're a Christian based business which just makes me feel good about buying their stuff. It was a fun night with my girl friends and I scored a ton of free stuff!

Today we threw Big A an Angry Birds party. I had SO wanted to do a mess party with food fights and paint and shaving cream everywhere, but she said she was too old for it, so it'll have to wait until Middle A turns five. I have this AWESOME cake maker I use who is incredibly reasonable and can make just about anything out of cake (a la Cake Boss). Here's the pics!

The only snafu we hit was the game I had planned. I had dyed a bunch of eggs green and painted pig faces on them, and hid them throughout the yard. Because I didnt have much time to get them ready, they were raw. SO, our guests start arriving and my friend points out a ton of shells all over the yard. Turns out, the dog likes raw eggs.  The game was totally botched. But, we rolled with it and hubs broke out the four wheeler and gave kids rides instead. They were cool with that! 

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