Thursday, January 26, 2012

How many times can a germ recycle itself through a family?

So far, we're going on three.  In the past two weeks, the kids and I have shared strep throat, pink eye, norovirus, migraines (those were just for me), and colds with fevers.  Surprisingly, they've been in really great moods, but they are not sleeping well, thus neither is mommy.  Hubs has been out of town all week, so now upon his return, one of two things will happen: He will get slammed with ALL of the illnesses at once and will revert back to a toddler-like state of neediness, OR he will avoid it altogether (in the most unfair way!)  Honestly, as much as I"d love to share some germs with him, he is SUCH the baby when sick, and I've got enough sick babies to care for. Actually, he's worse than even the little ones because they WANT to get better...he sort of likes to milk it for a few days. 

So, thats my explanation for not posting.  Actually, I did post (what I thought was) an awesome letter to hubs' boss b/c honestly, I'm TIRED of him working so darn much, but then I thought it could come back to bite me down the road someday.  And I'm not much the type to get nasty with people without feeling horribly guilty, so the post was only up about 2 minutes. If you managed to catch it, awesome. But I'm really not that mean, I swear.  :)

Baby update: I am 17 weeks plus now, and huge.  huge huge.  The kind of huge you can only be when you were slightly overweight to begin with and then began incubating your fourth child. It is what it is though.  I'll find out little speck's gender two weeks from tomorrow.  I'm sure its a girl.  We are awesome at making cute little girls!! Honestly, I'm just grateful for healthy little girls (minus the past week or two, but overall). 

I have ultrasound pics but they are already a month old.  So, I"ll wait until the big gender reveal.  I might screw with the family a little and not tell!  Nah, I stink at keeping secrets.  :)  

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