Friday, February 3, 2012

Wow...I'm in complete shock.

So, I was getting sort of panicky as my anatomy ultrasound was coming up (its next Friday BTW).  I felt like I NEEDED to know what was growing in my belly (I mean, the baby part is a given, obviously its not a puppy) but boy or girl.  I felt like I needed to know BEFORE the scan so I could sort of deal with the emotions of having another girl before seeing the disappointed look on DH's face next Friday. 
I'll be honest...I WANT a boy. I'd love a girl as I love all my girls now, but I really wanted the experience of raising a boy too, and I knew this was my last shot because someone is getting something tied at the end of all this. 
So in a totally hastey move, I booked a random appointment at a 3d ultrasound place yesterday during my lunch hour.  Worth. Every. Penny.  And I found out what we're having!!!!!! Wanna know???
Its a BOY!!!!!

I about lost my freaking mind. I mean really, I almost lost it. I didn't believe the tech at all and then I saw my little boy in all his glory...very well endowed I might add.  I just can't wrap my head around a boy...after three girls. Its amazing!! 
So, I was going to keep it a secret from the hubs until next week, but he was having a bad day and NEEDED some good news.  The excitement in his voice made my was up there with one of the best moments in my life. 
I have the 3d pictures, but they are super sucky...which stinks because I could see him perfectly clearly on the screen.  He is very very very cute.  For a 3d ultrasound at 18 weeks, he looked a lot less like the alien babies I saw on my google search, and a lot more like a term baby.  (Obviously he's not ready to come out, he's still just the size of a cup, but he had nice puffy cheeks!) 

So anyhow, thats the big news.  I bought my first little boy outfits at Target so I can give them to the girls to tell them.  They are so small...and nothing is pink!!  :) 

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