Saturday, February 25, 2012


( I had originially written this last weekend when it DID snow, but the pics wouldn't upload.  Since then, temps reached 80 degrees in wonder everyone around here is always sick!)

So, I grew up in CT. I have seen more snow than I can to remember. Years 0-12 it was fine, because I'd much rather play in it than do anything else.  Once it started interfering with my social life, it began to piss me off. In CT, we had LOTS of snow/blizzards/power outages (the worst was two weeks...ugh).  Anyhoo, while it was pretty to look at, it began to get on my nerves. I hated being stuck in the house...made even worse if there were no phones!!  (yeah, this was long before cell phones)  I can not even begin to tell you how many times my little VW got stuck!  As I've slowly moved my way down the East coast, I've enjoyed the diminishing amounts of snow and warmer much so that I actually enjoy white stuff now and again.  Last night, we had a lovely dusting and it took forever to accumulate, but by bedtime, there was enough to play in, so we let the girls stay up and romp around for a while. They had SO MUCH FUN.  That is my newfound joy in snow.  Baby A doesnt remember it from last year, so she was soooo excited.  It was all fun and games until someone got a snowball in the eye.  She rallied quickly though and we didnt make them come in until their little cheeks were good and chapped.   :)

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