Tuesday, March 6, 2012

23 weeks pregnant

So, I'm 23 weeks now...and nothing really to report...baby boy Carroll is busy busy busy.  I swear he grew a ton just last night...all of a sudden, I'm only slightly smaller than a whale.  Pretty soon Sea World will be calling.  Its bad, I'm huge.  I don't eat a lot, I'm just ginormous.  I've decided I'm going to have to hit up P90X once this baby is out and work the heck out.  I'm tired of the flubber.

Anyhoo, the baby is doing great and growing growing! He has cycles now, and I can predict pretty well when he'll be awake and moving.  I often forget that I'm pregnant.  I mean, I'm good and uncomfortable, but I keep forgetting its because theres a BABY in there.  Its weird...like we're too busy to remember.  But its good too b/c I dont have time to focus on feeling run down.  Except for yesterday...it took me forever to get out of the house b/c I just felt SO WORN. I couldnt stand for too long without just feeling exhausted!

Braxton Hicks are picking up like crazy.  I'll have none, and then (like right this second) I'll have a bunch in a row.  I'm excited for next week b/c its viability week!  24 is the magic number when it comes to delivery because at that point they'd actually try and save him. 

I've just started buying some baby boy things, and I'm definately tending towards little man type clothes. I have bought a bunch of little button down shirts, little teeny cargos, little polo shirts...love it! I'm not so much into the softy baby stuff.  Obviously when he's brand new I'll have some softies, but I just love the look of a baby boy in teeny man clothes. 

I've decided to put the little girls into a room together and give him Baby A's room.  Its already a nice baby blue and owl themed, which is pretty gender neutral. I just have to take all the pink owls out and replace them with brown ones. I'll put pictures up once I get it straight. The little girls will be getting bunk beds, and Big A will stay right where she is. We are keeping the playroom as is because its nice to have a room dedicated JUST to toys.  That was probably a lot more information than anyone needed, but so be it! :)

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