Thursday, March 15, 2012

PICA and sheer jealousy!

So while preggers with Middle A, I had PICA, and unless you've had it, you have no clue how frustrating it is to want to eat things that are, by definition, inedible.  If you've had a baby, you've likely had cravings and as everyone knows...when you crave something, you MUST. HAVE. IT. NOW.  So, when I started wanting dry clay and chalk, I knew I had a problem. Ironically, at the time there was some random special on TV about a man who was creating mineral supplements out of genuine dried clay and I watched the whole thing, drooling and hoping they'd post some order information (the didnt).  My dr and I tried to figure out what sort of deficiency might be causing this odd craving, and came up with nothing. So, I was doomed to suffer three months of unsatisfaction.  I had to get creative.  I started eating TUMS by the bottle. Necco Wafers worked ok too.  And....Space Ice Cream!!  The dry, chalky texture sort of helped curb the NEED for clay. 

Luckily, while pregnant with Baby A, I had no such cravings at all! With this baby, so far so good...except I really really really wanted some Astronaut Ice Cream.  And guess what (this is where the jealousy part comes in...) I FOUND it (see, don't you wish you were me??).  Actually, it wasnt even hard to find, but I thought it would be this huge, colossal task.  Turns out, people sell it all over the place. I had been buying it at our Old Navy for like, $5 a teeny bag, and then I discovered this little gem.  I bought a small case.  :)  Now, I can eat it to my hearts content. I'm so happy.  Dont be jealous...if you're nice, I'll share.

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