Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The new man in my life :)

Austin Michael
6/14/2012 (37 weeks)
6lb 10oz
(birth story below)

So, at my 37 week appointment, I was shocked to learn that my normally very very low blood pressure had suddenly become very very high. The dr wanted to admit me immediately, but I convinced her to give me one more day to wrap things up at work and then I'd go in.  By that night, I felt very off...dizzy, woozy, and very high-blood-pressure-y.  We borrowed my father-in-law's BP machine and discovered that my BP was really high...about 180/114.  We called on-call, and they said to come in immediately. After a sleepless night of monitoring, I was told I'd be delivering that day. Four hours into the induction, my BP spiked at 195/120, and the baby was not responding well at all.  My dr (and a million others) came rushing in and informed me the baby was coming out NOW.  

I was SO scared. One of my biggest fears was having a c-section. Surgery scares me, being cut open while AWAKE scares me...but I had no time to think about it.  The baby had to come out immediately. Hubs had just returned from lunch with Ayden, who then had to be ushered into the anesthesiologist's office because there was no one there to watch her and there wasnt time to wait for anyone.  

Once in surgery, everything felt totally surreal...like it wasn't me this was happening to.  Hubs was very very supportive and reassuring.  It came time to get the baby out, and this is where things get fuzzy.  They made the incision, but when they did, his head wasn't where it was supposed to be (he was trying to come out by his neck!).  He stuck his arm out the hole, and in doing so, turned his entire body around inside me. It ended up taking four people to get him out. When I had all of those people pressing and tugging on me, I started to be able to feel everything and it was extremely painful.  And then came the drugs.  Hubs said the anesthesiologist unloaded his cabinet on me...there was nothing left to give me. I dont remember much after that. I vaguely remember him crying...the NICU team worked on him a bit (but he was fine). 

I didnt really see him until about five hours later. I know I had family in and out during that time, but I dont really remember it. I was pretty much out.  Part of me feels sort of robbed of that initial bonding time...I had it with each of the girls...but I was so sick, that I know the very most important thing was that he was no longer in my body.  I got hooked up to magnesium after his birth, and even though everyone says its horrible, it actually wasnt too bad. It just made me really really really hot.  

The next day, I was able to really see and hold and bond with my little man.  He was fantastic!! He had bruises everywhere from his rough entry.  He had a black eye, bruises down his face and arm. There was some concern for nerve damage in his arm, but it works just fine.  Most of the bruises were gone by the second day.  My blood pressure stayed high throughout my hospital stay, but I was discharged on Sunday anyways. 

So, Sunday night, I was feeling really "off" again. I took my  BP and it was very very high (again!). Hubs and I spent the rest of the night in the ER with our brand new baby.  I was sent home at 230am with different BP medication. It was horrible. Being at an ER with a three day old baby...I was so upset. But, alls well that ends well I guess.  

So, we've been home for another two days. He's doing well..eats like a champ...sleeps ok.  We are LOVING him. He is such a blessing!! I had no idea how much I would adore my little man. We are all completely smitten with him. The girls can't keep their hands off of him, and hubs just stares and stares at him. I had had so many questions during this pregnancy, but I have to trust that God knows what he's doing when he creates these little lives.  

So, I'm off to give the little guy a bath! Having three girls, I had NO idea what a mess those little boy parts can make if you don't pay attention! ;)


  1. Lots of prayers for your family and the new addition that he provides lots of bonding and healing power for you all! sounds like he is, and what an adorable little face!!! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you! He has been an amazing little addition!

  2. Congratulations! So so happy for you that all ended well and you and baby are healthy. He's so beautiful!!!!!

    1. Thanks!! I can't stop kissing his chubby little cheeks! The pics are deceiving though...he's got scrawny little legs lol!

  3. Congratulations on the arrival on your little boy!!!!
    He's adorable!!!!!!
    The trick with boys, uncover the diaper area for a couple of seconds then quickly recover because once that cooler air hits them, they will go like a mini-fire hose!!!!!!!!!!
    Lots of (((HUGS)) and a speedy recovery for you.

    1. LOL, on day 2, we weren't fast enough and he sprayed his basinett, blankets, and unfortunately, himself. I felt terrible...but we couldnt stop laughing!