Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fishy blessings

Many of you know, I've been completely consumed with whats going on with my husband. I'm still there, stuck in a state of denial, anger, and hurt. But, now and again, we have moments of normalcy where his indiscretions are forgotten and we can be a "regular" family for a while. I count these moments as major blessings because they are few and far between. Thank God for these little ones...they keep me going!!

Last night, we bought some fish.  Typically, people buy little goldfish, or pretty betas...usually fish that are no bigger than a few inches.  But when we buy fish, we buy BIG fish.  We have a pond that we stocked with bass and brim when we built our house. We take the girls fishing down there often and they love it!  After noticing a bit of green on top of the water, hubs decided we needed some carp to eat it up.  So, I'd like to introduce our 15 new additions....(only some of them have names. Allie named hers Charlie, Cupcake, Sprinkles and Sparkles. Aubrey named hers Fishwater and Flower. Ayden was too cool to name hers!)

Ayden carrying 50 pounds of fish and water. 

Girls with their bags of fish
Austin riding his bag of fish

Allie, striking a pose in true Allie fashion
My oldest, and my youngest
Be free fishies!! Godspeed!!

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