Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And then there were

So, I havent posted in a few days because honestly, I'm still trying to drag my butt off the floor from when I first found out. 

Lets rewind to last week, when I was blissfully unaware of this up and coming responsibility. I was preparing to figure out how I was going to fund raise to ADOPT. Not birth, ADOPT.  Then, a funny thing happened. Or, a painful thing rather. My gallbladder started freaking the heck out. That typically only happens when I'm pregnant.  Of course I was all cocky...being on the pill and all (LOESTRIN people...stay away!!!)  and thought for sure this is just a coincidence and I forgot about it. Until I couldnt anymore. Then the cramps started coming at a time they shouldn't have...and I knew.

So I bought a pregnancy test...or six.  Every one was positive. Not even a "hold it up to the light to really see a line" positive.  They were there and undeniable.  Hubs and I are in shock. Of course, babies are blessings, but seeing that extra line was a record screech.  

We havent told too many yet. I know I'm still early on, but not sure how early. Dr's appt isnt until mid-November because the scheduling Nazi at my OB's office wouldn't let me in any earlier.  So, thats that.

Thinking back three years, hubs and I remembered that I conceived Baby A on the same birth control. All along I felt it wasn't strong enough (I'll spare the gory details as to WHY I felt that way), but I was going to bring it up with my dr at my next appointment. Funny.  Or not...


  1. Oh my gosh, Meg, that is so wonderful! Congratulations! I SOOOO miss being pregnant. Hope you have a great pregnancy. Keep us posted on all the ups and downs. ((((Hugs)))))

  2. When I read you bought SIX tests, it made me go back 2 years ago when I bought 7 tests. LOL
    Last time, I got one (which my husband thought had expired) and then, after him not believing I was, in fact, pregnant we bought another one. This time there was a word: PREGNANT
    Hope everything goes well!