Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carter Mountain Apple Orchard

Yesterday we decided to take the kids to Carter Mountain Apple Orchard...its in or near Charlottesville and Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's home for those that are historically challenged). 
So, it was a gorgeous day...they don't get much better than that.  The kids had fun, but our trip ended early due to one very fussy four year old. We got to pick our apples, and there are TONS of them to pick. I'm glad we arrived early too because as we were leaving, the line to park was snaking allllll the way down the mountain. We did the hayride, but skipped just about everything else due to the aforementioned bad mood. No apple cider donuts for me :(  Sigh, the sacrafices we make...
Anyhoo, some pics....
The view from the top of the orchard
trying to get all three to sit still for a family picture. I tried this numerous times throughout the day...this is the best one. You dont' want to see the rest!

 Big A taking the leap and being the first to test an apple
 Baby A following suit
 Hairbows courtesy of Four Little Apples

 Another FAIL. Family pictures are not our thing.
 I LOVE this picture of baby A and her daddy.

 Little cranky face below was actually in a great mood, just didnt want a stranger taking her picture.
 Picking apples is exhausting

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