Sunday, October 30, 2011

When two pink lines are completely innocent...

So for this post, I had to enlist the help of my new friend (can I call you that?? Can I can I???)  Her name is Jill (aka Jillsmo) and you can find her over at HER blog, Yeah. Good Times.  She is an accomplished artiste and was willing to help me illustrate whats been going through my head since the Incident With Pee and Positive Pregnancy Tests. 

Take, for example, the car below.  Notice the super speedy pinstripes, without which the car would probably not even move. Two pink lines on a car? Awesome, 80s style. The stripes incite a feeling of zippiness that the car would clearly not have were it not for them.

Now let us take a look at a really good movie. Doesnt matter which one, pick any one you like. See those little pink lines, craftfully sealing that wondrous DVD shut, so that you know that some little punk has not previously watched it, burned it, and then brought it back to the store? Those two pink lines mean security people!

Now, see the below child. She's precious, isn't she? See that pretty little picture she drew? Its a rainbow, made with pink lines.  Those pink lines represent unicorns and leprechauns and the innocent musings of a two year old, completely oblivious to the responsibility that comes with the other kind of pink lines.

 And this...well, its bacon.  Everyone loves bacon. If you don't, theres something wrong with you.  However, pre-cooked bacon is remarkably straight, like a little food omen.

There are times when two pink lines, that are relatively parallel to one another are completely harmless and benevolent.  Take, for example, the picture of one of those annoying bicyclists riding down our country roads (in the most arrogant fashion BTW).  See the stylish stripes on their shirt? Almost makes me feel bad for hating them taking up the road.  Actually, no it doesnt.  

So, quick recap. Most times, two pretty, pink lines do not connote the same feeling of panic and utter despair as two pink lines on a pregnancy test.  To say I'm still freaking out...understatement.  I'm blessed, I know that.  But we were not planning this and I hate to admit that I'm not handling this with as much gratitude and grace as I should be.  Luckily, my Pregnancy By the Week calendar states that this VERY week, I may have feelings of ambivalence mixed with anxiety. Thank goodness! ;-)


  1. Wait. I just noticed that the bike riding dude is actually sitting directly on the tire.

    MAN that's some fine artwork!

  2. Wow! Now I know why my minivan doesn't look as cool as it should! Pink lines,yeah! That cyclist needs to keep riding, despite the discomfort, to get rid of that bulge on the one side!