Friday, October 21, 2011

Easiest Tutu Tutorial EVER

So, somewhere online I found a picture of a tutu dress that I loved, but wasn't trying to pay $50 for, so I decided to make my own version, and voila!  I discovered the easiest way to make your own tutu (other than handing over the credit card).  So simple, and cost me about $6 to make.
-Stretchy headband thing
-two spools of tulle (get the spools.  Unless you reaaaaaly want to waste time, stay away from the the tulle yardage at the fabric counter. It takes forever to cut and it won't be as even as just cutting tulle from the rolls). Trust me.
-coordinating ribbon

So, the tutu I made will fit an older baby to an older toddler (say...6months to 4 years...might could squeeze it onto a size 5 if she's super skinny). 
Headband (you can get these at most craft stores)

spools of tulle (Hobby Lobby has a huge selection, but you can get most pastel colors in the wedding section of any craft store)

Place the band around something to keep it stable as you begin tying tutu knots. I use a football held in my lap. Seems to work just fine! The first row goes through the bottom of the headband, skipping a space between each piece of tulle.

For the second row, I really wanted to break up the orange b/c it was REALLY orange, so I added a row of shimmery gold.

After the third and final row (which was orange), I added this ribbon to cinch the waiste for my skinny minnie. And done!


  1. I love this! Do you happen to know how many yards you used to make this?

  2. This is about a year too late, but just in case anyone reads, it was one entire spool of tulle