Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A hate-hate relationship

Its amazing how something the size of a blueberry can make someone the size of...well...me...feel as sick as I do.  Not to blame it ALL on my little speck, but I have to blame someone right?? And I've tried blaming the hubs and, although sympathetic, he didn't buy it. Its par for the course, I know, but it still stinks. The "hate-hate" part...thats my relationship with food. If I eat, I feel sick. If I don't eat, I feel sick. If I think of food, I feel sick. I dont drink much now (well, none now that I'm pregnant), but I have only had a few college nights that have resulted in a hangover...and this feels just like that but without the whole acting-like-a-fool thing. 

I'm already sucking down Zofran and it seems to take the edge off.  I'm grateful for it this go around b/c last time it was not covered by insurance and I had to take Phenergan, which knocked me the heck out.  I was completely non-functional. I'm adjusting to the idea of four kids...slowly...but this is the very worst part for me.  This is the part where you're praying to make it to twelve weeks, praying to stop feeling horrid.  Its hard to enjoy anything...even the miracle of life...when you have to drink a teaspoon of water every 20 minutes to avoid throwing it up (BTW, during my first pregnancy...even THAT didnt work). 

We leave for a cruise next week and we are going with my in-laws. I can NOT imagine how this trip is going to go...morning sickness coupled with motion sickness...and we werent planning on telling them yet. Wish me luck...I desperately do not want to throw up in front of them.  Sigh. 

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