Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh how I miss the 80s

So, I've been on Pinterest a TON lately. Its my addiction. Well, shortly after discovering this treasure trove of crafts, ideas, recipes, cuteness...I discovered that a ton of women, who appear to be my exact age, are posting pictures of "vintage" toys (I still refuse to believe that anything I played with as a child could be considered vintage!). Anyhoo, I started copying pictures left and right. I got them all at, and they got them all somewhere not sure who to cite here...but if you remember this stuff, you are awesome too!!
This was my very very first stereo. Awesome isn't it?? Now, those colors SCREAM Florida Granny...but in the 80's...awesome.

I can't remember what these are, but I had one!

Got this on a trip to Scroon Lake somewhere in NY. It came with little teeny piano lessons!

My mom bought me a Popple when I was sick as a kid. Mine was purple and I threw up on it right after we got home. I was sad.

I still have these in the basement!!!

Each year, I got a new one of these. Everyone always wanted to play with it because it was JUST THAT COOL.

Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo!! My cousin Nicole, who was infinitely cooler than I, introduced me to this movie, whihc we watched about ten times in one weekend. (she was the first girl I knew to wear leggings and a huge sweatshirt!)


And what would the 80s be without scrunchies? Nothing...the 80's would be nothing.

yum...I wish Nabisco would realize what a good thing they had going!

Pogo Ball...we would all bring t hem to recess and jump until we felt sick.

Just wait for 80s part II!

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