Thursday, December 22, 2011

Question for the few people who DO actually read my blog lol....

So I need someone to tell me honestly if this is a no-good, very-bad idea.  On my birth father's condolences page, a few people had written using their full names.  Two women seemed to be very dear friends of his.  Would it be totally INSANE to contact them?  I'd start with my uncle, but after losing his father and brother within two days, I'm not sure he's going to be up to talking with me just yet.

Being all internet savvy, I've already gotten one of the women's phone numbers and address.  What do you think????  The worst that could happen is she says never to call her again...but knowing him and the friends he kept, I doubt that would happen...right? 

I really need advice from people who are not involved with me face-to-face on a daily basis...those friends and family are NOT understanding me right now.  I'm desperate to find out why he died. 

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  1. I see no harm in calling them. Like you said, worst they can do....