Friday, December 2, 2011

Well, hi there.

It has been a while, eh?  Well, first off...the cruise was awesome!! I'm going to post a bunch of pics and our review of the Norwegian Star.  But, not tonight because I'm really really tired!!  Well, I can throw a few pics just for fun. 
It went well...the inlaws are still in the dark about our little speck. I managed to cover up the morning sickness with motion sickness, but honestly it wasnt even bad until the very last day.  That day...sucked. The waves were 12 feet and I couldnt get out of bed.  Our room was SO small. I dont recommend the smallest, interior room to anyone. But, we made do.  The weather was fantastic and we did some awesome stuff like play with monkeys in Honduras and rode mopeds in Belize. I hit Senor Frogs in Costa Maya just because I missed that boat in college, and we chilled at Paradise Beach in Cozumel. Amazing!! Again, more details later.  I missed my baby A something fierce, but she was happy as a clam each time I got to call her (Can't wait to get THAT cellphone bill!) She really had a fantastic time with my parents and I dont think missed us at least not in her concious state.  Apparently she called out for me a few times in her sleep, but during the day was just fine.  Sweet little punkin!

This is the side of the Norwegian Star taken on the day we left...massive! And the experienced cruisers know, this isnt even big compared to so many of the newer ships.
 This is the view of the mail was super small but surprisingly never really over crowded. The girls loved the water slides.
My middle A posing as we were pulling into Honduras

The port in Honduras

This is the place where the girls had monkeys jump on their heads. It was totally awesome. Did you know these monkeys have super soft they are wearing slippers??

 Big A at Senor Frogs in Costa Maya
 You would think this was a sunset, but you'd be wrong! This is the sun RISE on our last day at sea.
 I think this is a walrus. Or something completely inappropriate, but we told the kids it was a walrus.
 Big A getting her first ever beach massage

I can't wait to give details about each stop.  It truly was amazing!

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