Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adopt already!!

When people find out what I do for a living, the MOST common response is, "I've always wanted to adopt but...." and then they give me all these reasons why they can't. Not enough money (fair enough), a spouse who isn't on board, an inability to decide where to adopt more often than not, people just don't do it. I find that just heartbreaking. The millions of orphans that need a home, and deserve a family, and we're too lazy, too confused, too stingy to move forward. 
Last night I showed my husband pictures from the blog of one of "my" families who is in China adopting.  I've tried in the past to connect him to the faces of children I see online with no luck. But, as he saw the mother and her new daughter through the various photos...I started to see him soften.  He asked questions, he didnt roll his eyes as I gave him statistics or explained the dire situations these children face if a family isnt found.

Trust me people, this is a big deal.

For as long as we've been together, he's known I do "adoption stuff," but hasnt been invested much in it. I'm hoping that his heart will open more to the idea of us adopting ourselves.  I pray that he'll be on board someday.  If not, I pray that he supports me as I attempt to raise money for other families. I could never bring a child into our home that he was hesitant to love like our own. I couldn't do that to an innocent child, but I'm really really hoping he gets there.

You can follow the family's journey here.

In the meantime, some pictures of our littles. We are BLESSED. 
This was my peanut at her daddy's swim meet the other night. She was not thrilled about the camera in her face.  :) 
Below are the pics from today that I took while the girls were playing with every water toy we own.  Poor peanut...her nose was running all day and I don't think I got a single shot where she doesnt have boogies running down her face.  They must have played hard b/c the littles have been napping for over two hours!  

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