Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trying again to get this right!

Hopefully the third time is a charm and I can figure out this picture thing. I'm just feeling particularly stubborn today and I'm going to keep messing with it until I get it straight! 

This is my oldest blessing. She is so creative...I dont have as much creativity in my entire body as she does in her pinky finger!  She creates things as realistically as possible and is just super talented.  Yeah, I'm a little proud! 

This is my middle sweetheart!  She is FULL of life (and quite often full of herself lol!) She always makes us laugh, even when we shouldnt!  She has the most stunning brown eyes and I swear she's a genius :) 

And another picture of Peanut...Happily sitting on the potty with a sucker. 

So, I started a new job today, which makes my total FOUR jobs.  Honestly, I feel like walking away from all of it. I'm SO wore out!! But, the experience is good, and it'll fill the gap where my hours got cut from my primary postion. Sigh....

In case you were wondering what I sell in my etsy shop (which I doubt you were b/c I dont think I've ever mentioned it before!)... I make monogrammed and personalized items. I have a bunch of stuff from dresses to birthday shirts, to adoption t-shirts. Here's a sample of what I've got going on, and if you're interested, email me, convo me, whatever, and I'd be happy to set up a custom
listing for you! My hope is that in the near future I can sell these adoption shirts as a fundraiser for the non-profit I'm starting up. I know its just a drop in the bucket, but its a start!!

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