Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This may seem silly to some, but today I got some good news about my cat. He's not just any cat...he's my first "baby" and my daughters' first pet. They ADORE him. He'd had a total ear ablation (Sp?) surgery in April where the vet removed his entire ear canal and a large aggressive tumor. Shortly after, he stopped eating, lost 15 pounds (which was more than half his weight), and developed tumor-like lumps on his neck. I thought this was it...we spent our time loving on him and trying to make him just feel good. WELL. The first vet who diagnosed him with lymphoma may have been wrong!  Our local vet tested him and believes its just severe infection and he's not. going. to. die.
Clearly he is not happy in these pictures!  He HATES that cone head thing, but it was a must b/c his ear canal had been removed.  You'll be happy to know that his actual ear healed up just fine and he looks "normal."

On the adoption front, please take a look at this blog. This is a family that I've been fortunate enough to work with through my adoption agency. They are inspirational!!  Seriously, they are not like any family I've ever met before. The mother is currently in China picking up her 13 year old daughter, and they had just adopted from China this past December...oh, and they have four biological kids...and they're getting another daughter this fall!  If you feel so inclined, you can donate to their adoption fund as well.  Adoption is extremely expensive, but theres so many children who need...DESERVE...a family to call their own. 

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