Friday, July 29, 2011

Sad news...

I am absolutely devestated to write that my sweet boy, Oscar, is now in Heaven.  I came home today and was trying to syringe feed him water, and he just got really floppy.  At that moment I just knew this was it. I stayed with him for a while as he took his last breaths.  I am so grateful that he wasnt alone and that God took him instead of me having to decide when to put him down. I'd been struggling so hard with that. I pray that he wasnt it pain. He seemed pretty peaceful.  I dont even have words to describe how heartbroken I am.  I dont even know how to tell the kids. They were awake when it happened but I didnt want to scare them so I let them fall asleep.  I guess we'll tell them in the morning.
Please just say a prayer for my little buddy...that he's healthy and happy now.  Oscar, my dear friend, thank you for the years of companionship. Thank you for being my girls' first pet and for putting up with the pokes and pulls, and thank you for being my only friend when times were difficult. We love you so so much and will miss you!!!

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