Thursday, August 4, 2011

....chirping crickets....

Ok, so I know my family and friends read the blog, and stats indicate that someone is reading it, and I'd love to hear from you! Be the first to leave a comment and I'll put your picture up or something!!

So, you may have noticed that I've changed the name of said bloggy.  Here's why. The purpose of my writing on here hasn't yet been made clear to me.  For some, its just a family update. For others, I hope that one day it will become some kind of adoption go-to...I know a lot about adoption (you know, that whole 11 years experience thing), and I'd love to answer questions (for free dont even have to pay an application fee!)  :)  For now, its a place for me to vent, muse, and express my gratitude to God for the life we have here in this little part of the country. 
So, Almost.  I'm almost a great mom.  Most of the time, I think I'm pretty good at this parenting thing, but theres always room for improvement. We almost live on a farm...we've tried really really hard to raise a few animals and it just hasnt gone very well...yet! We almost make it to church every excuses other than sheer exhaustion.  We need to do better. My etsy shop is almost off the ground. I get a lot of private orders, but not as many online.

The point is...there is a lot of room for growth and improvement. I can do better, and we can do better as a family.  If I entitled the blog "Perfect." then I wouldnt really have much to write about. We live a chaotic but blessed life and I'm looking forward to sharing it! I follow a ton of other blogs and I find myself thinking, "wow, those moms really have it together!! All the time!!!" and its easy to forget that you can paint any image of yourself you want on the doesnt have to be true. I want to be relatable to people. I'm happy to share my blunders as well as triumphs...its not all about a perfectly decorated home, clean, cherubic well-mannered children (well, we strive for it, but its a work in progress), professionally photographed scenes from my day.

Just to prove my imperfection, here's a pipsqueak eating Jello on bread for breakfast. (Did I mention that I feed my kids good food, almost always??)

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