Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who's been through two natural disasters in one week???

Raise your hand if you live in VA!! Whoo Hoo!!! ok, so technically the hurricane hasn't hit yet, but come on! We all know its gonna! So the earthquake...I hate to mock mother nature (see below), but (thankfully)this earthquake hasn't been two bad.  We've all been gently awoken each night since with aftershocks...and by gently awoken I mean startled within inches of our lives. But whatever, theres no real damage and its all good. Although, my office has some new cracks!! Real earthquake stuff!
 And just for kicks, this is a dear that was in my yard that got totally freaked by our garden gnome.  To be fair, he is intimidating with that pointy little hat.  I'm not gonna lie though, that gnome is my favorite thing in our yard!
 This is the new shirt I have in the shop, modeled by my friend's daughter. (Isn't she cuuuute??) I love finger suckin' babies (I've got two myself, ya know!). Despite the orthodontia work we will most likely face later, I love to see a sleepy little one with their fingers in their mouths!

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