Monday, August 8, 2011


So, one of the reasons I married my dh was because he is so committed to his family. I've watched him interact with our elders, and he really cares what they have to say. He loves their stories, asks them questions, and genuinely wants to hear their answers. I love this about him. I personally have the attention span of a gnat. Sitting still and listening is not one of my best qualities. 
So, this past weekend, we drove 11 hours for a picnic with my grandmother. Yes, 11 hours...for a picnic.  It meant a lot to her and when a 90 year old asks you to do something... you do it.  It was great to see her!! My kids call her super grandma b/c they couldnt figure out what to call a great-grandmother. It fits her. At 90, she is a total rock star!! She lives on her own, drives herself everywhere, and even works at the airport. Awesome! My kids adore her and that just fills my heart. 
So, my husband didnt utter the first complaint about shuttling 3 kids 11 hours north, staying just one day, and shuttling them 11 hours back. He is a good man. Surprisingly, the littles were really good too!! They had a few squabbles here and there, but overall, were awesome little riders!
Some pics...
Middle A jumping from bed to bed in our hotel room.

Big A swimming at a cousin's house

Baby A sharing a glorious find in an ancient toy box

the crew with Super Grandma!

This was awaiting us when we got home!

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