Saturday, August 13, 2011

Common sense

As a social worker, we're taught time and again not to be judgmental. Its hard because as individuals, we have our own histories, heritage and upbringing that have shaped who we are, just as our clients have theirs. That said, there are so many times when I just want to shake people, and scream "what are you doing???"  Children are not blessings to everyone, and unfortunately those who don't see them as the miracles they are can still procreate just as easily (and ironically sometimes moreso) then those who truly desire to love and cherish a child.
I have several cases right now that are testing my patience and ability to remain neutral.  At one point, I myself had received over 75 flea bites from a home where three innocent children were living. (Did you know people can be allergic to fleas??? They can...I'm on my third dose of predisone!). My point is, if you want to live in your own filth, go for it.  But when you have little lives that are dependent on you, that didnt ask to be brought into this world...well take care of them! I wouldn't let my dog in this house, let alone my children.  It just amazes (and horrifies) me that their personal standards are set so low. 
This family has three amazing little kids with the odds already stacked against them.  It just saddens me that this is their "normal."  The parents are so little invested in these kids that I've seen them eat food off the floor that was smashed and there for days. They drink soda so much that their little teeth are rotten. And of course, these kids too suffer from an innumerable amount of bug bites. 
So, I as a social worker, step in and provide "support" to mom and dad, when I really just want to smack them upside the head. We are on the cusp of removing these children from the home, an act I take very seriously.  Its just sad...the whole thing stinks. And its just a piece of my workload pie.  Pray for these kids, and for their parents to realize the impact they are having on thier entire lives. 

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