Friday, August 12, 2011

Ready to par-tay????

Big A has a birthday on the horizon, and in this family, we make birthdays a BIG deal. While I try to celebrate my children every day, their birthday is one day of the year where everyone can join in!  One of my most favorite party sites is Kara's Party Ideas  There are hundreds of themed parties, and thousands of ideas that you can make your own. I'm not sure if I'm using proper blog etiquette by just linking...are there rules about this stuff?? Regardless, check out the site! If you scroll down, all of the different parties are listed on the right hand side. Loves it!! Below are pictures of parties past...I like to put things on a stick...fruit, chicken, desserts...everything tastes better when its on a stick!

What you can't tell probably in this picture because its sideways, is that I had a candy bar at Baby A's last birthday and that was the goodie the kids got to take home. This was before I got my Awesome Camera so the pics are only so-so.

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